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Initial Access

We strive to do the little things right, so rather than having Kibana available to everyone in the free world, it's sitting behind a reverse proxy and secured by an (XKCD) Passphrase.

The credentials are written to the home directory of the user that runs the deploy script. Most of the time, this will be the administrative user created at installation e.g. /home/admin.


To get into the Kibana interface:

Note: we are aware of a new change with macOS Catalina and the Chrome browser that requires SSL certificates are signed with a CA. We're working on the issue and will update the SSL proxy process soon. Until then, Safari and Firefox work. Windows is not affected.

  1. Copy the passphrase in ~/KIBANA_CREDS.README
  2. Point your browser to Kibana:
    • https://<SENSORIP>
    • https://<HOSTNAME> (if you have DNS set up)
  3. Enter the user and password
  4. Profit!