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Kibana is the web interface used to display data inside Elasticseach.

Basic Usage

Open a web browser and visit the following url: https://<sensorip>/app/kibana.

On first connection, users will be prompted for a username and password. Upon running the deploy script a random passphrase is generated in the style of XKCD.

These credentials are stored in "KIBANA_CREDS.README" file located in the home directory of the user created at install e.g. /home/admin/KIBANA_CREDS.README.



Kibana is deployed as a systemd unit, called kibana.service. Normal systemd procedures apply here:

sudo systemctl start kibana
sudo systemctl status kibana
sudo systemctl stop kibana
sudo systemctl restart kibana


  • Home:
  • Data:
    Stored in .kibana index in Elasticseach
  • Application Logs:
    journalctl -u kibana