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Release 2.5

We are pleased to announce that ROCK 2.5 is out! Here's a quick overview of some of the latest additions:

NEW - ROCK has move to the ECS standard!

  • legacy pipeline is still available (on ISO install)
  • aliases are in place to assist backwards compatibility

NEW - Out of the box support for XFS Disk Quotas

  • puts quota on /data or falls back to /
  • works for both automated and manual installs
  • standalone playbook to setup quotas on installs other than ISO download (reboot req.)
  • the amount of disk given to a service is enabled by weight

NEW - Updated ROCK Dashboards

  • available in ISO install
  • incorporating Vega into dashboards

FIX - various visualization issues in ROCK dashboard

FIX - x509 certificate issues resolved

UPDATE - All Elastic Stack components to v7.6

NEW - Updated Zeek to version 3

NEW - Updated Suricata to version 5