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Suricata is IDS / Alerting solution in RockNSM.


Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are a great way to quickly alert on known bad. Alerts are triggered when a packet matches a defined pattern or signature.


The Suricata service is configured and enabled on startup.

Updating Rules

The newest versions of Suricata come with the suricata-update command to manange and update rulesets. The official documentation is found here.

Checkout a full writeup from one of RockNSM's authors about managing Suricata.

For more detailed information on the suricata-update command, you can also check out a detailed blog post over at Perched.


Suricata is deployed as a systemd unit, called suricata. Normal systemd procedures apply here:

sudo systemctl start suricata
sudo systemctl status suricata
sudo systemctl stop suricata
sudo systemctl restart suricata

It can also be managed using the rockctl command.


/etc/suricata/ - configuration path